Hi there, I'm Stef, a Toronto-based graphic designer, illustrator and the creator, writer and artist of Sarah Zero.

As a zygote, I loved drawing, building model cars and playing outside. The older I got, the more I realized computers were gaining control over many aspects of my life.

Computers introduced me to all kinds of fun things like a career, free music, infinite lulz and webcomics, which inspired me to launch a webcomic of my own, Sarah Zero. While SZ began in defiance of technology, I now realize computers are in total control of every aspect of my life.

Digilife ain't easy.

Thanks for checkin' out SZ. I always love hearing from people, so if you have any questions or comments, send me an email or a tweet and I'll be sure to respond!

TUE NOV 08, 2016 0810-0811 now online

SAT OCT 29, 2016 0808-0809 now online

Sarah Zero is an ongoing story about a feisty redhead and a group of malcontents struggling to find love and validation on "the contranet"; a future version of the internet under government and corporate rule. Sarah's trying to overcome her failings, find the strength to get her priorities straight and unstrange the estranged relationships in her real life.

I created Sarah way back in 1992, but it wasn't until early 2003 that I actually started a comic with her: Sarah Zero Classic. SZ Classic was a weekly action/dramedy webcomic that I updated faithfully for 184 weeks until ultimately trashing it in late 2006. The story and art were weak, unoriginal and unsalvageable.

This site is the February 2007 SZ relaunch, featuring all-new everything, from the ground up. SZ is a semi-autobio examination of myself, human behaviour, interpersonal relationships, digital culture and our constantly-changing world. It's about making the right choices to become more than we are.

But Sarah herself doesn't always make the right choice, so in her quest to be happy and feel loved, she's gotta learn to drop the pretense, the anger, and realize that she's NOT better than anyone else.

While the SZ storyline is scripted and storyboarded well in advance, new page spreads are completed one at a time and appear online 28 seconds after they're completed.

Sarah Zero IS RATED PG28 FOR MATURE AUDIENCES: explicit lyrics, adult situations, mature themes, dangerous ideas, graphic violence and overt sexuality.

Viewer discretion yourself.