The Webcomic List  
Updated June 30/2008
Sad & Opressed Bi Teenage Robot Ninja Ghost Girls is my other webcomic. SOBTRNGG is the anti-SZ. Updated randomly whenever I get spare time in between SZ updates and work.
Updated June 12/2008
Blogumentary buildup of the fist model car I've touched in about 5 years. This kit is the 2004 re-issue of the classic 1/8 scale Monogram/Revell 1965 Corvette Stingray. Updated randomly whenever I get spare time in between SZ updates and work.

Why does SZ art flow across both pages? I set up SZ so that if I ever print a book, the art will flow across both pages in full spread format. I've never really been much of a fan of traditional comic books: ads on every other page, shorthand art crammed into tiny panels, exposition out the wazoo and talking heads that never shut up! I wanted to create something totally different. Huge art, "less is more" and "don't say it, show it" approaches, not too much wordosity, no boring details and lots of characters in compelling situations I can't predict the outcome to before I turn the page. I hope I'm on the right track!

Why is the SZ story so slow? While there's a lot going on, SZ actually reads pretty fast, and my idea was to make SZ feel more like a movie than a comic book. I usually try to not overload the pages to make reading SZ easier while still offering good reread value for hints and clues, easter eggs and other little bonuses. So far, over 20 characters have been introduced, plus there's tons of setups for much bigger payoffs later on. SZ will prolly be about 1280 pages once completed, and while SZ isn't for everyone, I certainly hope you're vibin' on it!

Why does SZ update randomly? Don't you have a buffer? Since I first began SZ, I've tried hard to maintain a buffer, but I've never been able to get more than two page spreads ahead, and when combined with work and life stuff, my buffer never lasts long, no matter how well I manage my time! Also, many pages take much longer to complete than others, and sometimes, some of my best ideas come at the last minute anyway! So all this makes it nearly impossible for me to commit to an official update schedule!

I want extra SZ content. Gimmee gimmee. Tons of behind-the-scenes extras with commentary, old stuff, sneak previews and more more more can be seen for free when you VOTE for SZ regularly. I change these vote incentives every few days, so you'll always see something new. Also, every once in a while, I upload decoy homepages featuring koo random stuff. And every Valentine's Day, for one day only, I do my annual "Sarah Zero Valentine's Day Sex Drive": an all-new nudie pic of Sarah as a voting bribe. That's quite a LOT of extra content!

Is there a SZ Forum? Yes, there actually is, here! I don't have much time to initiate discussion, but I'm always happy to answer questions, offer insight, respond to feedback and just have a good time getting to know you cats better!

The persons, products, websites, corporations and events depicted in this graphic novel are 128% ficticious. Any similarity to actual persons, products, websites, corporations, events, webcomics or contranet celebrities, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Supreme exhalted thank yous go out to the following for your undying influence and support. You cats mean the world to me, and your valued interest and presence have made Sarah Zero a far more compelling force than I could have ever dreamed. In no particular order: Kisa, Popz, Momz, I-Rock. E-Rock, T, Ry, James, Hanko, Henrik Dunker, Jonathan Lambert, Dorothy Seefreid, Juno, Lou Graziani, Chris and Joseph Brudlos, Revarien, Lady Yates, The Webcomic Beacon, Mike Delheim, Kurt Sasso, Jimmy Misanthrope, Kenzie, Eric Burns, Jeremiah Goldson, Ian Lie, Gunnm, Hammy-Burgers, Bev, Maniac Wolfman, Al Schroeder, Snake, Mindless Genius, Tokyo Cab Driver, Pockybot, Wade the Fade, the SA Goons, El Santo, the BWW and the squillions of awesome.con peeps I've met online ever since I started this sucker... you're all making me a better person.